⭐ Master Locker Pro™

$ 127.99

Protect your precious bike with the best technology. No need for a key or password. Unlock your bike in seconds.

Fingerprint Entry

1. Initially, press any fingerprint to enter the fingerprint recognition port. the green LED flashes meanwhile you hear two sounds,it will unlock

2. Within 5 seconds after unlocking,when the green LED is shining,put the fingerprint that you want to enter pressed the fingerprint recognition port for 4 seconds,you will hear a sound,that means enter the input mode.

3. After the finger leaves, press 8 times continuously, and you will hear a sound every time. The last time there will be two sounds, then the finger will leave. After 10 seconds, the LED will go out and the recording will be completed.

4. If you have any confuse please contact with us.


Product Detail:

Battery: Lithium Battery 420mAh                                 Fingerprint Capacity: 20 Pieces

Using Time: Full power can be unlocked 3000 times    Size: About 19*12*3.7cm

Material Of Shell: Zinc alloy + ABS                              Lock hook material: Aluminum alloy + silicone

Weight: About 437g                                             Standard: ANSI/INCIT 378 and ISO/IEC 19794-2 Standard


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