Bolter™ Computer Speedometer

$ 37.00

  • product:Speed Sensor cadance 2 in 1
  • model :gemini210
  • size:8.85×29.8×38.3mm
  • waterproof:ip54
  • sensor:Geomagnetic Sensor
  • battery:2032 Button Battery
  • Wireless Interface:Bluetooth  / ant+
  • weight:9g
  • battery lift:400 hour

How to use

1.if the speed and Cadence use together,need buy two pcs speed model,use the app need set the wheelset size then can Exact display speed

3.first use the equipment,need remove the Insulating paper make sure the battery + up

4.reinstall battery can Switching Mode speed model to cadence model or cadence model to speed model 


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