About us

About us

Hey, we’re Bicycle Brother, a team of some of the best engineers, designers, and overall cycling enthusiasts in the world. This brand wouldn’t be what it is today without the team of cycling fanatics behind us. Yes, you heard us, pure and raw cycling, fanatics. We grew up riding our whole lives, so we decide to produce our own cycling equipments for the people who get the same passion like us by providing the ultimate cycling & safe experience.

We built our brand Bicycle Brother because we honestly believed that we were the right people to create the best possible riding experience for our clients. We were a group of engineers, designers and avid cyclists, I mean what else did we need, we knew exactly what cyclists need when riding and we set out on a mission to provide that. 

The bicyclebrother team. On the right, with the red plaid shirt, Alex Hanks, son of Kevin Hanks.

We believe that serving our customers comes with a responsibility to also actively make sure they are satisfied with their purchase. We strive to be the number one online store for cycling accessories at best price, providing the best products from around the world and offering world class customer service.

Our story

The original founders, brothers Kevin and Paul Hanks, founded bicyclebrother together. Both had different jobs as operators in Sacramento, California.

Since their youth, they have been great fans of sports on wheels, especially cycling.

One day in March 2005, Kevin and Paul were cycling around the city when a car ran over Kevin…

This was a shock. Paul feared losing his brother forever.

The car was not going too fast. He even stopped the car to try to assist Kevin. The driver indicated that he had not seen anyone. The lack of vision could end Kevin’s life.

Fortunately, the helmet prevented severe injuries and Kevin only broke his ankle and two ribs. But it could have been worse.

This accident caused Kevin to be suspended from work. After that, Kevin proposed Paul to set up a store together to offer the best quality products and provide maximum safety and good habits among cyclists. In this way, they wanted to help and save other people who might have accidents while riding a bicycle.

Kevin Hanks - Cofounder of Bicycle Brother
Paul Hanks - Cofounder of Bicycle Brother

Why choose us


According to our survey, we found out that there are not much accessories in the cycling industry that protects the cyclist from danger. According to Government road safety statistic, Cyclist are 15 times more likely to be killed on the roads if you ride a bike than if you drive a car. This problem should be emphasize by the cycling industry but nobody did. So, we are currently working hard to solve this problem in order to let cyclist ride safely.


In the 21st century, technology is growing rapidly, but why nobody is implementing it in the cycling industry? Our mission is to implement the best & latest technology in cycling accessories so that all the cyclist out there can keep up to the latest technology and improve their ability & skills.

Cycling Fears

As cyclists, we all have our own “secret” fears and sometimes we don’t even realize it. Overcoming it is not easy at all, but what we found out is that we can actually trick our mind to not fear them by using some accessories to protect our insecurities.

We are more of a rider than a seller. We ARE our own customers, we focus on emphasizing practical design, ease of use and overall longevity in our products. We don’t flash flashy jargon at you or mumbo jumbo you into purchasing. We want you to honestly feel and experience what it’s like to ride with your brothers. We want to be your best partner in your cycling journey.

Buy with confidence at Bicycle Brother – we will take care of the rest and make sure you are happy!